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we are all our own devil;;
and we make this world our hell.
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31st-Oct-2037 12:00 am - i like friends.
Brittany + Snake = <3
You people are fucking disgusting. This isn’t “because I go to Pitt” or anything to do with football or schools or whatever. You’re “outraged” because a man covered up a child molestation and/or rape for years and then got fired from his job at a prominent university? I don’t care if he’s “like a father” to the Penn State body. If I had a father and my father kept a sexual assault hush-hush, you really think I’m going to defend him?

And I can’t BELIEVE that I’m one of the few people with this opinion of my Facebook friends. I don’t give a FUCK about football at this point. That child is going to be scarred for the rest of his life and all you’re worried about is losing a season because “morale will be down”? If this had happened at Pitt, you’d be damn sure I’d be transferring ASAP. It’s disgusting that people don’t give a shit about the actual assault but “let’s all band together and love our school” because the assfucks that both committed and hid the act from the police/university got fired. I’m seriously so close to homicidal right now that it’s not even funny.

Fuck you. Fuck all of you. Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. I’d wish this upon your goddamn future children but I’ve been there and I wouldn’t wish this shit on the worst person alive. But maybe if you knew what it’s like, you wouldn’t be so quick to defend someone who stayed silent.  
3rd-Jun-2011 11:54 pm - I GRADJIATED GAIS
You want pictures? I got pictures.

Now this means I have to like benefit society or something.

Cause right now I'm just sitting here in a Snuggie watching Bradley Cooper speak French. Can I get paid for doing that somehow?

Yeah, screw you too, work force.

&class of 2011;
Soviet JWeir!
Please read this you guys. :(

It makes me fucking sick that he's getting away with being such a homophobic dickwad for no reason. So many people have sent messages to his sponsors and GLAAD trying to get something done. I hope that it does because nobody should get away with this shit.


I cannot believe I started to like him. I'm so angry at everything right now, especially myself. >:(
28th-Jul-2010 06:03 pm - i am also bored.
Soviet JWeir!
Pick 20 movies, list four plot keywords from IMDB! Guess away!

1. Based on Novel, Tropical Island, Science Runs Amok, Raptor (Jurassic Park - milkchokolate &atrophyannie)
2. Portrait, Beauty, Victorian Era, High Society (Dorian Gray - milkchokolate & atrophyannie)
3. Bet, Sibling Incest Subtext, Gay Football Player, New York City
4. Bohemian, Midget, Play Within Film, Windmill (Moulin Rogue - milkchokolate)
5. Animal In Title, Music Video During Credits, Transcontinental Flight, Male Flight Attendant
(Snakes on a Plane - milkchokolate)
6. Wedding Chapel, Driving On Sidewalk, Hospital Bracelet, Sex In Elevator (The Hangover - milkchokolate)
7. Figure Skating, Loss of Job, Incest Overtones, Disownment (Blades of Glory - illogical_me )
8. Gang, Political Manipulation, William Tell Overture, Aversion Therapy (A Clockwork Orange - milkchokolate)
9. Town Name in Title, Video Game, Missing Daughter, Religious Cult (Silent Hill - milkchokolate)
10. Journey, Talking Animals, Animal Shelter, Porcupine
11. Racial Tension, Forced Relocation, Ghetto Blaster, Teen Movie (Save The Last Dance - milkchokolate)
12. French, Twin, Student Protest, Casual Nudity
13. Figure Skating, Ice Skating, Olympics, Gay Interest <- Lol, these are the only four it had.
14. Prince, Rain of Arrows, Character Name In Title, Passage Way To Another World (Prince Caspian - milkchokolate & atrophyannie)
15. Harvard Law School, Black Female Judge, Sexual Harassment, Fashion (Legally Blonde - milkchokolate & atrophyannie)
16. Russian Revolution, Based on True Story, Amnesia, Train (Anastasia - atrophyannie)
17. 1960s, Motorcycle, Box Office Flop, Bomb Shelter (Grease II - heinous_bitca)
18. Disease, Orphan, Motorcycle Chase, Based off Video Game
19. Cutting Self While Shaving, Daydreaming, Swimming In Space, Voice Over Narration
20. Female Psychopath, Child's Drawing, Surprise Ending, Self Inflicted Injury (Orphan - milkchokolate)
lahv lahv lahv
"I posted a blog about how I felt depressed & needed help.

A girl halfway round the world who I don’t talk to much commented making me smile.

Sometimes I wonder why I have to live here when the only people who care are thousands of miles away.

I’m certain that without the internet, I would be dead."


I love you guys so much. You have no idea. Thanks for putting up with my shit all the time. ♥
Brittany + Snake = &lt;3
at first i was like

then i was like

and i felt like being all

but then i realized i should be like

and now i'm all

Fucking Chinese Myth Dragon.
I had to write a folktale for AP World. I think I did it wrong. Based off of the whole thing with the Dalish elves and werewolves in Dragon Age. Loosely. Really loosely. No spoilers here.

Because I want opinions, I'm going to keep this post for myself as a way to note the pros and cons of all these schools I checked out at the National College Fair today. If any of you know anything about any of them, good or bad, please tell me. I'm doing all my independent research trying to find the college for me and any information helps.

For the record, I'm tentatively decided that I want to be an interpreter/translator. I want to learn as many languages as I can and convert them cross-language because I realized how much I really love languages, not just English. That way, I can keep my anal-retentive proofreading tendencies plus learning all the languages I want. I'm assuming that means I want to major in Linguistics, which many of these colleges offer. Mmm, language structure. <3

And to those of you already in college, if you go somewhere that you think I might find interesting based on these choices, that helps too. Aaugh, the future.

The Schools

Allegheny College
Arcadia University
Clarion University
Dickinson College
Ithaca College
Juniata College
Marymount Manhattan College
Ohio University
Point Park University
Syracuse University
The University of Findlay
University of Pittsburgh
Villanova University
Virginia Wesleyan College
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